Who Zakat Recipients

1. Introduction Asnaf Zakat

• The scope of zakat distribution Majlis Agama Islam and Adat Melayu Terengganu (MAIDAM) based on predefined by Islamic law. The recipients as described in the Word of Allah (SWT):

Maksudnya: Meaning: "Verily the alms (zakat) are only for the poor and needy, and amil to manage them, and those whose hearts, and for slaves to be reconciled, and those who owe, and to (spend) the way of Allah, and the wayfarer (a decision) on the way. (Ruling That is the law) as a resolution (really) from Allah. And (remember) Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. " (Surah At-Tawbah: 60)


From the above verse, Allah (SWT) has outlined eight recipients are eligible to receive zakat that is indigent, poor, Amil, Muslim converts, Ar-Riqab, Al-Gharimin, Fisabilillah and the wayfarer. To ensure that the criteria for the actual recipients, recipients of this distribution of Zakat management based on the definition of beneficiaries as follows:

a. Fakir

-Fakir is Muslims who have no property or income or any property or income but did not reach 50% to meet the basic needs of themselves and those who are under his charge.  

b. Poor

- poor is a Muslim who has property or income can only cover over 50%, but does not reach 100% to meet the basic needs of themselves and those who are under his charge.  

c. Amil

- Amil is a person or organization appointed by MAIDAM responsible for carrying out the work of collection and distribution of zakat affairs.

d. Convert

- Convert is someone who tamed his heart and had converted to Islam, but the faith is still weak.

e. Ar-Riqab

- freeing Muslims from the clutches of slavery and subjugation either in terms of physical or mental grip as the grip of ignorance and fettered under the control of certain people.

f. Al-Gharimin

- The debtors to meet basic needs for the benefit of themselves, their families and dependents or people who need instant solution justified by Islamic law.

g. Fisabilillah

- Any person or party who engage in an activity for vertical, maintain and propagate the Islamic religion and virtue.

h. wayfarer

- Any person traveling for the purposes approved by the Shariah law of any country or any country that needs help.

•    Disconnect the supply on its way.
•    Can not make use of his property for the onward journey.
•    Require basic facilities in the travel problems.
•    Omitted way.



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