zakat plant

• The rate of zakat harvest / crops varies based on the spray method is used.

• flush using 1/10 x Rainwater Harvest

• Spray Using Modern Technology 1/20 x the harvest

• While the harvest is subject to zakat is 375 bushels Malaysia = 937.5 Kg.

• For example:

Total harvest (rain) = 1000 bushels

then zakat is imposed: 1/10 x 1000 bushels

= 100 bushels of harvest.

zakat Livestock

• "Culture" is meant here is like cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep that are not used to do the job and has been haul and banknotes.

• The Zakat:

The minimum Nisab

Cow / Buffalo = 30 pieces

Goat = 40 pieces

zakat Shares

• It is calculated at the current price if the followers of sharia.

• If you do not follow Islamic rules, counting the zakat is based on the current price or purchase price, whichever is lower, and if the stock is in the form of loans, then counting the zakat is calculated depending on the amount paid.

zakat Fund

• Zakat imposed when EPF was issued and shall nisab when released. If the savings that issued it is stored, one year, it will again as Zakat savings.

Total output x 2.5% = Zakat

Zakat payment channel

• Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Terengganu (MAIDAM) provides multiple channels for the public to make the payment of zakat.

Among those channels are: -

1. Counter Zakat in all 9 branch Zakat Affairs Center (PUZ) across the state

2. Counter Zakat Mobile (Truck)

3. Salary Deduction Scheme

4. Agent Zakat (Islamic Bank counter and Pos Malaysia)

5. Internet Banking (Maybank, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, Bank Rakyat, Pos Malaysia, Affin Bank, HSBC)

6. Debit Cards and Credit Cards Islamic

7. Money Order / Postal Order

8. amil

Zakat Fund

• Zakat issued by the depositors of the savings that have reached one year nisab.

Calculation Method:

• For fixed deposits haul the luggage of 354 days and / or nisab (assuming RM11,504.44) should be counted.

• For regular savings, it is based on the lowest balance of one year or more savings within one year. It also should be known within the next haul Please onset and end of the haul for storage.


(Lowest Balance for the year 2014 was RM15,000.00)

RM15,000.00 RM15,000.00 x = 2.5%

                         = RM375.00

(Zakat is charged of RM375.00). If there is an increase of just one year, he should be counted.

• We advise the obligatory reserve calculation is made at the counter we were near you.

Business zakat

• Business Zakat is obligatory zakat is issued as a result of the business property whether involving goods or services.

Forms of business are:

i) Private Business (Single)

ii) Business Partnership

iii) the Company's Business

zakat Income

• Income includes all types of income or returns in consideration of services including salaries, wages, bonuses, dividends, rental revenue, royalties, grants, allowances, honorium, compensation, pension, business, seasonal and other forms of investments and any income by or as a member of a professional career.

Definition of Salary

• That someone is a reward revenue service with an employer or an individual, company or institution.

• Employment income summarize: - 

i) Annual Salary

ii) Wait for Salaries

iii) Fixed Remuneration

iv) Other (including bonus or something that can be counted as income-related employment.

Free income

• That one's income through a job or business expertise or service that is rewarding his services.

Free income includes:

i) Legal Services

ii) Advisory Service

iii) Consultant

iv) Medical Treatment

v) Engineering

vi) The artist

vii) Other

Definition of Procurement

• Acquisition of mean income generated as a result of ownership of the garden / farm, house rent, the lease of land and other revenue.

zakat on Gold

• Zakat is obligatory gold and silver jewelry and women's jewelry. Zakat issued on gold depends on whether gold is used or stored which nisab and haul.

The compulsory Zakat Gold Category

i) Gold unused

• Gold unused means that gold is stored, used or not used even once in a year either in its original or made jewelry.

ii) Women's Gold Jewelry

• Gold either worn (as jewelry kosher) occasionally or continuously within a year no Zakah is due on it but, if it exceeds uruf (excluding precious stones or the like).

• Uruf is a local user limit allowed and uruf vary by state.

Zakat on Gold Calculation Method

i) Gold unused (85g)

  Zakat gold = gold value x 2.5%

example calculations

The price of gold per gram = RM135.35

Gold Weight = 100gm

Gold value = RM135.35 x 100gm

                                             = RM13,535

Zakat Emas = RM13,535 x 2.5%

                                             = RM338.38

ii) gold used is not subject to zakat, but exceed the current uruf (850g)

    Gold is used i = 1000 grams

   Uruf current = 850 grams

   Zakat imposed = 1000 grams - 850 grams

                                           = 150 grams x market price x 2.5%

Nisab and rate Silver

• consensus of scholars have established nisab silver alms of five auqiyah equivalent to 40 dirhams (5 x 40 = 200 dirhams) which is equivalent to 595 grams. (A auqiyah - 119 grams)

• The method of calculating Zakat Silver:

Perak Perak Zakat = value x 2.5%

• Example Calculation of Zakat Silver:

Silver price per gram = RM3

Silver weight = 1000 grams

Perak Zakat = RM3 x 1000 grams x 2.5%

                                         = RM75

How to Apply for Assistance Zakat MAIDAM


1. Starting January 1, 2015, the Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Melayu Terengganu (MAIDAM) have used the system of Zakat on-line application to facilitate citizens who wish to apply for assistance MAIDAM Zakat
2. By using a system of Zakat application, applicants must fill out the required information and print out the application form. The application form along with copies of the documents required to be submitted to the office MAIDAM or Reception Center District Zakat Affairs respectively adjacent to enable it to be processed.
3. If the application form along with a copy of the document is not sent to the office MAIDAM, then the application will not be processed.
4. To use System Application Zakat must use a browser (browser) Google Chrome with the best resolution is 1024 x 768.
5. Zakat MAIDAM Application System will be improved any time to facilitate the citizens and residents MAIDAM apply and manage requests for help charity.
7. Click on the button below to open the system menu for help charity.



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