Zakat Fund

• Zakat issued by the depositors of the savings that have reached one year nisab.

Calculation Method:

• For fixed deposits haul the luggage of 354 days and / or nisab (assuming RM11,504.44) should be counted.

• For regular savings, it is based on the lowest balance of one year or more savings within one year. It also should be known within the next haul Please onset and end of the haul for storage.


(Lowest Balance for the year 2014 was RM15,000.00)

RM15,000.00 RM15,000.00 x = 2.5%

                         = RM375.00

(Zakat is charged of RM375.00). If there is an increase of just one year, he should be counted.

• We advise the obligatory reserve calculation is made at the counter we were near you.

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